A downloadable game

A simple game for large video calls, 

made during the trust in play quarantine Jam #1

number of players: 3+ (the more the merrier)

requirements: all players are on one video call with cameras, visible to each other

(phones/tablets preferred because they are mobile)

The person closest to the equator is the chooser and is the one to start the game.

the chooser picks a prompt from the list, or (preferably) makes up their own request 

then all other players play that prompt (showing an item in their space, etc.) (the chooser does not play the prompt)

the chooser then picks another player to be the new chooser, and play repeats with the new chooser

the game ends when the chooser requests players to bring a clock

Starter Prompts

(show =  bring to the camera / take the camera to)

  • show a plant

  • show something red
  • show fire
  • show the oldest thing that you can find
  • show the view from your window

  • show something you can eat

  • show something cold
  • show the smallest thing you see
  • show something in the room that you hate
  • take me to the bathroom
  • drink some water (bring us with you)
  • find something that reminds you of music and make noise with it
  • touch the highest point you can in the room 
  • make a pose that expresses the word "speed"
  • sit somewhere in your room where you never sit
  • ...make up your own prompt

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